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Ha ha

Thanks for reminding me!
My god, if you and I can beat her, what chance does she stand against the full weight of the machine that is the MA Democratic party?
Slim to none.

I know Ron wanted us to get involved and help change the party, but if the MAGOP actually enlists Ann or Tag Romney, I will not only change registration status, but actively campaign against them. The MAGOP is a den of vipers and crooks. All you have to do is look at their dirty tricks pulled in the past year.

The best part, you are not going to believe this, the general counsel for the MAGOP, Vincent DeVito, is an Agenda 21 lawyer.

How is it possible for it to be a platform of the GOP to oppose Agenda 21, while the MAGOP hires one of the top ICLEI Agenda 21 lawyers?

I guess it shows how liberal the MAGOP actually is.