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Joe, I have been on the DP

Joe, I have been on the DP for over 5 years now, my writings are extremely clear and if you took the time to track and read them you will find that I have stated exactly what you are stating now. I am a militant Jeffersonian, considered by many to be radically opposed to all that has taken place in this country, especially since the Coup of that Hamiltonian disciple Abraham Lincoln and his Radical Republican Party. You don't even realize that we are saying the same thing, but you have instead chosen one phrase out of context and based an entire argument upon it. I find that odd considering the length of the essay I wrote, surely there if there was one phrase you could argue about there were others that equally caused you grief, yet you have only focused on that one phrase and because of it you have not only falsely labeled me as a conspirator of Hamiltonian color, but you have called me a liar on top of it. Far from being honorable, you have made assumptions and those assumptions are not only incorrect, as my writings on the DP for the last 5 years will attest to, but those assumptions make you look like a fool in the light of those writings.

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun