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I see other choices.

1. Freedom of Currency (effectively Separation of Money and State). If I am paid in anything other than dollars and do not fill out IRS forms, as no law requires anyone to do, they only get what I give them. The same goes for everone. All we need to do to "End the Fed" and leave the IRS sitting on their thumbs is go on about our business in one of the infinite ways they do not already control. The more difficult part is eliminating the W2 as a corporate condition of employment. There will need to be a few lawsuits, and amendments to state constitutions would be a great step. Given the choice between payment the government steals a portion of and payment you get to keep, people choose the untaxed option just about every time. If they did not feel threatened, the choice would be clear. Without the labor of Americans as illegal collateral, the Fed would be obselete quickly enough. They could hang out in regulated soup kitchens with the IRS workers and New York's finest after we are done reclaiming their holdings and OUR gold.

2. It will be up to us to peacefully repatriate the military into state, community and individual hands where the people make the choices about war.