Comment: My experience, and it's much more extensive than I like

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My experience, and it's much more extensive than I like

is that cops begin by telling a small false hood and if there is any type of defense will proceed to all out perjury to protect their self from any type of legal ramifications. There is to my knowledge absolutely no exception to this rule. Juries are as much to blame as the cop's, I was 52 years old with absolutely no criminal record when I started sticking my nose into some unsavory politics in my County and locality. A couple of Judges whom I tweaked the nose's of have been recently sent to the slammer for the wholesale locking of juvies up in a facility they had a financial stake in. Before this happened I and my wife were harassed at home by a group of juveniles. Although I was the only one assaulted the police deemed it necessary to force my arms behind my back to cuff me. I have severe arthritis from a screw inserted in my right shoulder in 1973. They destroyed my shoulder in doing this and charged me with resisting arrest due to my arm not being flexible enough to go back without resistance. The lies began immediately which was not the worst of it. It was discovered that the instigating officer was not a legal police officer under registration requirements in the state. This was brought before the jury yet I have become the first person in this state to be convicted of resisting arrest by an individual who had no more power to lay a hand on me than an average Joe. The sitting judge in the case manipulated time as well as refused to allow me to interview witness's. Keep the jury sitting until about 20 minutes before lunch, his almost two hour delay in appearing in court while we were all chilling our heels,assured what time the case would conclude, send them to deliberate and don't be surprised they come back quick with a verdict allowing them to go home. I'm also pretty certain that the jury foreman was a plant, thats how things are done in Luzerne County Pa. To add insult to injury I was cruising around the internet and found a site of supposed registered sex offenders which to my dismay had my name on it, it seems that screaming out the word FXXX while your shoulder is being torn out of it's socket is enough to categorize you as an offender. I can no longer find this site so hopefully this was an temporary aberration. BTW even after the judges were sentenced to lengthy prison term for their slavery scheme, the DA who was in the middle of all this and who had to be aware was elected to a judgeship, so much for responsible voters.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.