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Comment: A necessary topic?

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A necessary topic?

If the goal is Liberty, then there is a competitive process that works to get closer, instead of further away, to that goal.

"Immediately you start to understand why history is being rewritten, why many specific parts of it are being targeted and vehemetly lied about."

"But let us not forget that violence does not live alone and is not capable of living alone: it is necessarily interwoven with falsehood. Between them lies the most intimate, the deepest of natural bonds. Violence finds its only refuge in falsehood, falsehood its only support in violence. Any man who has once acclaimed violence as his METHOD must inexorably choose falsehood as his PRINCIPLE."

"This was a simple pillage of those defeated in the cold war by US and it's allies, and that pillage was conducted through economical means."

Check this out:

That is economic means in action as those who "provide the means by which we suffer" (through fraudulent money and extorted power = The FED and IRS) finance ONE side in a scheduled World War.

The same "side" (Economic Means of Legal Fraud and Extortion = "Wall Street") finances the other side too:

The same "side" (legal Money Monopoly/Currently The Dollar Hegemony) financed American Military POWER too:

Who, exactly, is dividing who, so as to overpower the targets with economic means?

Failure to hold the actual individuals to account benefit who exactly?

"What Hitler couldn't do through strength - was done by EU through economical means and propaganda."

Wall Street is a sign, a sign post, a front on a store, a name on a business, a way to point at a number of individual people, just like Nazi or Bolshevik is a sign, a name, a label.

Which individuals are now collecting all the power that can be stolen, fraudulently, threateningly, and violently, with FALSE authority, which actual people, and can the targeted victims stop them, by not paying them anymore notice, or money, or power, or votes, or time, or energy, or bodies to torture, maim, rape, abuse, consume, before that flow of power buys World War III?

Yes or no?

"History repeats itself, powerful, though yet "oppositional", movements grow in Ukraine and Serbia. And soon USA's "warfare" will be pushed on their own soil (Here author points out psychological, economical and so on warfare of US government puppeteers - remark by Jee-Host.)."

By economic means. If the schedule repeats then all the victims in all the places where The Dollar Hegemony (a few very powerful people) takes economic POWER will be EMPOWERING another World War and to keep the victims guessing, the World Reserve Currency POWER will shift from one place to another as it did after World War II shifting from England to America. Much in the way of evidence points (much in the way of lack of "NEWS" also points) to Asia, and specifically China, as The New World Reserve Currency POWER headquarters.

Who, except the most powerful people on this planet, which are few people in number, know exactly who will be in POWER after World War III?

If you don't have the list of names, then that is a POWERLESS condition to be in.

If you are told to blame The East, or The West, then you may be told a lie - in my opinion.

There is no such thing as "The West", at least not in English, since WEST is a direction.

"That is what scares US so fiercely."

Name one person who is scared by any honest, productive, peaceful group of people anywhere else on the planet, please, and then let that one person explain, exactly, what is scary.

In this country called America, speaking for myself, I am deeply concerned about exactly how much falsehood has infected exactly how many fellow human beings on this planet, whereby the inventors of the lies, who are few in number, have overpowered their victims with those lies, and here in America those liars include these very scary names:

Ben Bernanke
Barack Hussein Obama

If those two stooges could be tried, in a Jury Trial, by any randomly selected 12 people (not hand picked by anyone else in any way), as those two, here in America, are presumed to be innocent, but charged with at least TREASON, then a process of discovery could begin in an official manner, so as to find out who else can be found guilty of TREASON during the trial.

That could stop World War III, and that could be done legally, by 12 randomly picked people in America.

No more World War III.

Why not?

Because too many people are infected with falsehood, plain and simple.

So who fears who, exactly, and if you don't ask, if you assume to know the answer, then YOU are a dictator by that measure, dictating the answer you want to hear instead of finding out the answer that exists.

"That is why Hillary Clinton openly stated that "USA will do everything in their power to hamper or at least slow down "immersion" of Ukraine into Russia's Customs Union and Eurasian Union."

So is Hillary Clinton one of the stooges or one of the dictators ordering the stooges to produce all these lies, threats, and violence aimed at all those innocent people who will be consumed in World War III if something effective is not done to stop those people on that list of individuals who are planning on, and who are accomplishing their new War of Aggression for their exclusive profit?

Ben Bernanke
Barack Hussein Obama
Hillary Clinton

Who do I fear? I don't fear the West or the East, but I do fear that too many otherwise honest, and productive, individual people, will be led by those 3 people, and a few other people on a relatively short list of people, into abject belief in falsehood without question where one act will lead to another based upon all those lies, whereby the combined actions are some day in the future called World War III, and the true name for those events that will later be called World War III is CRIME, in English, and to make sure as to what kind of CRIME it will be, offered as a suggestion, in English, call it what it is: Legal Crime.

Good luck with whatever it is you are doing, if it works for Liberty, then I'm for it, if it works for Legal Crime, then that is truly fearful.

"English is not my native language, so cut me some slack."

Your power to command English is worthy of note - very good.

If Americans can focus on slowing down and then stopping the flow of power from those among us who produce that power (economic means) to those among us who steal that power and use that stolen power to steal more, then World War III will no longer have those finances being used to buy all the things required for that Legal Crime to happen on that schedule.

If we in American can invent, produce, and use a competitive money other than Federal Reserve Notes, The Dollar Hegemony Money, and if we in America do so by July 4th of this year, then that Ends the FED, and The IRS, and soon after The Troops funded by that money come home.

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home (not to enforce a "better" Legal Crime Cabal)

Do so by July 4th, 2013, and World War III is put on hold, defunded, and probably canceled.

China does not gain World Reserve Currency Power, and The Dollar Hegemony is no longer World Reserve Currency Power either, so competition will then work to force Legal Money quality up, and Legal Money cost down, which results in power being used to make more power, which ends up being realized as higher standards of living at lower costs of living.

What is the problem?

If the problem is known accurately, then accurate, effective, solutions to the problem can be worked toward and realized in time.

"My main wish is for people, who are apt and able - to strife for knowledge of everything, to question everything and to check everything for themselves."

I hope that my response is helpful in reaching and gaining liberty.