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It is quite obvious that you

It is quite obvious that you have not read my any of my writings Joe and therefore assume many, many things and upon assumption castigate me falsely and without regard to the truth. You rail against me and call me, a liar when all the time you are bearing false witness with your slandering comments without understanding that we are fighting against the very same thing, yet you continue to rail. What I find really interesting Joe is that you have not commented on my other post entitled "The Republic of Sovereigns", surely if you have found one phrase, and apparently only one, to castigate me on in this article, surely you should be able to find more, not only in this essay but in the other one, as well as all my writings posted here on the DP for the last 5 years.

Track my postings Joe...go ahead, I dare you to...You will find in my writings, such as “The Bloodline of Tyranny”, “The 17th Amendment and The Nationalized Senate”, “Statism: A Bankrupt Ideology”, “Rights Retained by the People”, Freedom Contingent Upon Compliance Is Not Freedom”, “The Enemies of Good Government”, ”The Death Knell Rings for the Federal Reserve”, “Assault by Domestic Traitors”, “Pamphleteers of the Revolution”, “How Supreme is the Supreme Court?”, “The Claim to Sovereignty”, etc., my writings over the last 5 years are all here on the DP if you care to read them and then offer me an apology. My postings of the articles other writers such as Hamilton's Counterfeit Capitalism and others decrying the Coup of Hamilton and Marshall.

You have lumped me in with the Nationalist Hamilton, if that were true then surely you should be able to prove it in the volume of writings that I have posted here on the DP. You should be able to do it with this essay alone, yet you continue to rail against one phrase and build your case that one phrase makes me not only a Hamiltonian Statist, but also a liar. Your argument is far from sound and my writings prove contrary to your false accusations.

You don't even know but you are presenting the very same argument that I have and do present, but you are too busy straining at gnats while swallowing camels. You are hard-pressed to make the type of arguments against me that you do, all you need to do is read my writings, ask anyone here on the DP about me and you will find that I am not only an Anti-Statist, but also an avid enemy of all that Hamilton and the other Monarchist represented or supported. You will find, in my writings, that I am hold the opinion that The Federalist Party, the Whig Party and the Radical Republican Party were nothing more than the same Party with different names but with the exact same goals, those goals were finally realized in the 1860s with Lincoln's Coup and the massive over-throw of the Republic.

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun