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I don't think you can ever really know

how much this site means to us.

"When someone will trade $500 in fiat dollars - for nothing in return but that the Daily Paul continue - that has a profound impact on me"

You see Michael, "for nothing in return," is false. It is 8 in the morning here and I have already had "return" today. It is return that cannot be measured and can hardly be voiced. I speak on an emotional know, that girl energy, there is a special place in the heart for the Daily Paul because it gives what cannot be seen in many ways.

I don't do facebook, but for some people, facebook gives a "return."

It is this:

What value can be placed on that? And you know what, I learned about the existence of the Liberty Pole here on the DP from one of my Friends in Liberty.

My words are ackward this morning because I cannot put into words the worth each individual finds here on the Daily Paul. I would imagine that $500 does not even put a dent in that worth of the DP for the individual that gave that amount.

The Daily Paul = Our Liberty Pole

Just like Ron Paul = Our Liberty Pole, but in a different way.

A stick in the ground is more than a stick in the ground. And we here at the DP have rallied around this stick in the ground.

In the interview after the RNC Doug Weed said something to the effect that he did not think he would see Liberty in his lifetime. Those are very concerning words. And yet in a way, we are able to experience Liberty here at this pole and work toward Liberty for this "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave."

Michael, you planted a Liberty Pole when you designed the Daily Paul. There are many who rally at this pole: A community with common ground.