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Comment: they think they're provoking us to violence and unrest?

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they think they're provoking us to violence and unrest?

Wrong! It's the other way around you tyrants, and disposable media whores....

Good job, being sensitive to their games; whether you're right or not about this being a blue screen interview - keep 'em honest and question them - make them squirm, let them know we're WATCHING and questioning!

We are so onto their many attempts at distracting us from what's on the table(economic collapse!); their ratings are way down, they'll NEVER recover credibility(except among those who clap upon our removal when we calmly confront/question them).

They'll have to take our tools of citizen journalism away BEFORE they go after the guns; but even then, the stories of confrontations will be told(Foxe's Book of Martyrs)....

We ALL understand what is going on in these waning days of our Republic, they can only hope we lose it first; but I don't think so....we're too restrained in our quest for truth.
Everyone on our side gets it!