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I'm asking a lot these days.

"At the fork in the road where both choices lead to the same choice, perhaps the path of least resistance is better? “Lest we offend them.” I don’t know I am tossing this out there for your thoughts. Also wanting to know, should I go back to the LaRouche post? I seem to have burried it, but will access it because I am thinking you want to have discussion there. You had something in mind that may lead to a 2nd book."

I think that The Word works very well when human beings deal with human beings. I think that The Word does not work so well when dealing with living beings that are evil incarnate like a mad dog (Cujo).

So...people who are "just following (evil) orders", going about collecting an extortion fee, so as to keep the targeted victims powerless to the point of only being able to produce enough to be worthy of the time and effort to steal from them, but not produce enough to be able to defend against a mad dog running amok in the neighborhood, in human form, then, in that case, it is much better to "heap coals upon the head" of the person who is just following orders.

I may be learning from the teacher here, which is you, and so I'm going to see if I understand two versus, not just one.

Or how about three:



The LaRouche angle has to do with exploring further the concepts of capitalism (voluntary) and socialism (voluntary) as opposed to capitalism (false or involuntary) and socialism (false) wherein the proof can be measured as to which ways work better for making power abundant and which ways don't and LaRouche also touches upon the concept of moving from one planet to another (which requires a lot of power) just in case God isn't going to destroy everything on Earth and start over fresh any time soon.

The current book is undergoing my third reading and I am beginning to ask if it would be a good idea to add a chapter on The Liberty Day Challenge or if that ought to be left out for a follow up (to be continued...) book, so I'm asking you now.

I hope to be done with 5 readings of the Joe Quotes effort by Friday.

"And you did not answer my question about whether I should save Joe quotes that strike me."

I may be asking too much, but please consider the possibility that your method works to publish books, and we won't know until the current effort plays out, and meanwhile your current method could be like putting money in the bank (so to speak) so... yes, save quotes, and this time consider being more liberal with your own voice in the conversation, so as to balance the point/counterpoint concept - or not - the book form as it is so far written plays out well, in my opinion, but there may be much in the way of finding room for improvement. Meanwhile I had this idea about video youtube messages that point to this forum and The Liberty Day Challenge.

"Jesus did not die for not paying taxes. Jesus died to reconcile us to God."

One of the most valuable messages you offer, in my opinion, concerns the concept of knowledge concerning just exactly how much we, mere humans, don't know relative to The Power of Creation, or God, and there should be little to choose, but we are stuck with what God gave us.