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I read the comments below, and could not figure out what you meant... then realized you mean the paper, and went and read those. I was very glad I read your story first. Here is what I posted there:
"Any one of us can drop dead while driving, heart attack, stroke... This young man was diagnosed as epileptic, but what if this had been his first seizure? This is a terrible, terrible tragedy. "NancyJoW" is my sister, this is also my nephew and his wife. God's Law is that life is precious, and this ought to remind us all to be good to those we love. There is absolutely nothing that men's laws can do to change the nature of God's laws. Rather than demand more laws, please search your heart for more compassion. Please pray for our beloved nephew, these two were truly special. And then please throw in a prayer for the young man who hit them, this will change his life in ways even he does not yet understand. But please, do not expect the government to be able to prevent tragedy."

I sure do love you, you old Randbot.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.