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The Report

also gives some pretty good insights on all the conflicts brewing in the middle east, Africa, and between China and Japan. Its one of the very few reports I've downloaded that I read from start to finish without skimming over half of it because the speaker started rambling off topic.

Most of the information also is in line with all of my research which is rarely the case. His view about the US economy "improving slightly" in 2013 seems illogical to me but maybe he knows more about the timing of the planned collapse. No one can deny that the US dollar is either going to collapse or somehow need to be revalued but I'm come to the conclusion that the Fed and the other global central banks can keep kicking this can down the road for as long as they choose.

Until more people start withdrawing ALL support for the criminals in DC and NYC, they are going to keep creating themselves free money and pillaging the public purse. Its like a group of bank robbers just walking into bank after bank without any weapons and without any disguises and taking all the money. The people in charge aren't stopping them and the people in the lobby just stand around doing nothing. So off to the next bank. When criminals can steal massive amounts of money and nobody notices and nobody cares...why would they change their strategy? If it ain't broke (The method of looting America by the Fed, Wall-Steet, and our so called leaders)why fix it?