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Syracuse here

My wife and I are currently checking out other states to move to. This state is absolutely out of control and NY City has way too much influence over the rest of the state while we are worlds apart in ways of life.
Being in the Military, I've been around the states and experienced different local economies. Upstate NY and specifically the counties I live around are becoming desolate, crime ridden, and poor. All manufacturing around where I live are either gone or on their way out. The taxes are outrageous and you are charged fees for every damn thing the state makes you do especially at the DMV. My wife was pulled over for a minor traffic violation and the ticket was dropped, but not before they got an $85.00 "surcharge" out of us.
Once I'm finished with school (which is soon, thank god)we are taking our family, our money, and what rights we have left and taking them elsewhere. I can't wait to not have the influence of NY City over my attempts at a quiet, peaceful existence with my family.