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I don't know Robert. I worked

I don't know Robert. I worked for years in an ABC affiliate and PBS (graphics and technical director) (1990s). I looked at your original footage and it still looks like chroma key. About 20 years ago, you could see the edges of the objects being keyed in much more clearly than now. I'm sure there is better technology to "blur" out the edges. When Anderson's profile is a little more towards the camera, his nose appears longer than when you are looking at a direct profile. And you can see the blurred edges in front of his nose and forehead (it's subtle). I have to question it. I looked at his guest closely too and she doesn't seem to be blurred like that but I'm still getting the chroma key look in front of the background. I find it interesting that it was caught because it's hard to see. I don't believe a lot of what the mainstream media does now anyway; it's propagandized so much. So it doesn't surprise me.