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That is exactly the kind of response

I was hoping for. In the manner in which you conducted it anyway. So thank you for that. This summary you assembled is very helpful in terms of reference. I personally know most of what you touched in your reply (I in fact read Sutton and, of course, Solzhenitsyn). I think you are of those able to look into the heart of the matter, but I also think I have to point out couple of things that I didn't in the post itself (for a reason though it might have been).

Of course this article, translation of which I presented, doesn't reflect my own opinion. Purpose of this article was not to start debate on it's specifics, but rather inspire critical thinking in the subjects head about his own worldview. Article itself is very one-sided, hence the title. Why many points may be true factually, they are, purposefully or not, emotionally colored by the original author. I have to say that over here when we say US, we don't really mean like it's the entire US populace made a referendum and decided something. It doesn't really matter in the time of bombardment - who bombs you. It matters after or prior.

So what I want to say is the fact that you addressed many particular notions inside the article itself is commendable and it contributes to the 'informing the masses' thing. All that is good, but in many a case is not exactly necessary. Luckily, your insight and dig is deep enough overall, to make conclusions in the right direction.

Additionally I want to say a few words about war. Article itself, however politicized it may seem, never suggests an actual aggressive warfare. It's just not our way. And I'm fine with that. Social parasites eventually fail by definition, But I personally am not going to wait till they die on their own, grabbing as much as they can with them. But that is a huge part of another kind of topic.

To change perspective,broaden it and thus acquire more tools for enhancing knowledge - it is important to break stereotypes once and for all. World is not going to win or lose just because America does it or does it not. That's not how world works. If 2008 events in Georgia are not an indication of that - I don't know what is)

But anyway, thanks for you reply and I hope that my piece of mind provides some (however little) inspiration on the road to understanding.

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