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Damage control? :)

Even better.. They did what you said and weren't even at the funeral and instead were inside a CNN studio as they were in many other fake CNN broadcasts. Just like they pretended to show footage of Sandy Hook and got caught on that when they showed footage from an unrelated school as well.

It makes perfect sense to lie for the quality of the story and the convenience and savings in doing so.

OK Bombing? Who needs to go there when we can just show a random bombing from another clip.

I've kept quiet about this whole mess because I wanted to hear a greater amount of evidence before commenting.. I've seen enough.. this shit is fake. From the laughing Father who gets into character to the fake CNN footage's to the inconsistencies in the stories themselves.

No, the guy running to the woods was a concerned father.. wait no he was a cop.. wait no a volunteer fireman...

It's all too fucking weird to be reality. No these "truths" are not stranger than fiction.

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