Comment: The lowest slime ball.

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The lowest slime ball.

ANDREW YOUNG: "After they removed his body, Ralph Abernathy got a jar and started scraping up the blood and said_ you know, and crying, it was Martin's (Dr. King) precious blood. "This blood was shed for us." It was_ you know, it was weird, but people freaked out and did strange things. Jesse put his hands in the blood and wiped it on the front of his shirt, see, and it was_ it was_ I mean, what do you do in a moment like that?"

Jesse immediately hired a public relations rep who got him on the Today show. On national TV he claimed to have cradled Dr. King in his arms, but multiple witnesses state Jesse was not on the balcony, but was in the parking lot when the shot rang out and hid in the pool area until the TV and news media showed up.

Jesse is the world's slimiest character, numero uno and second place is far behind.

I have a friend who had Jackson jaywalk right in front of her car up by the Water Tower in Chicago, making her hit the brakes to avoid hitting him.

Does anybody have Mr. Peabody's phone number? I want to borrow his wayback machine.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ