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I didn't say you hurt anybody...

I said you are trying. (and making yourself look bad)

Most all of the people you fling the progressive, liberal, whiner, loser, LP, Libertarian, 1% labels at have things like Justin Amash and Constitution in their bylines or tell you they have never had anything to do with the LP.

The LP is nothing. Not even on the majority of anybody's radar. You are using it as a mere pejorative against the general philosophy of libertarianism of which Ron Paul is proudly and boldly associated with. Even Rand has gone around talking about his supposed libertarianism and how he wants to bring libertarianism to the Republican party.

You've called me a progressive and an LP'er which is just silly. First of all you know nothing about me. Secondly, I am a Constitution and Bill of Rights loving jeffersonian Old Rightist and have been since 1977. At least find out the history of somebody before you blindly start trying to smear them.

And your ongoing accusations about some movement on Daily Paul to start a civil war is just inane and completely baseless.

I am not saying you are hurting other people. You are just hurting yourself. Daily Paul people aren't stupid.

And the "if you disagree with Rand then you are a progressive LP'er" meme is growing old...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~