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this "disappearing nose" anomaly came out I studied the video pretty carefully.
With the many advancements they have made in CGI and blue screen tech, I still don't think this was a blue screen interview. The reason I don't, is because the breeze which was blowing slightly in the background that knocked a small cardboard sign down , was also gently moving the lady's hair as well. Do people believe that they had a fan blowing on this lady's hair at the precise time the sign was knocked down? Was AC in the studio and the lady at the church? I find it hard to believe. This seems like a satellite uplink or compression glitch. Besides, WHY would they do something like this? It doesn't seem necessary.
More importantly, there are MUCH more pertinent questions that have arisen out of the "official story" than this.
While I admire this guy's moxy in going and confronting Cooper, I wish he wouldn't have chosen this as his main issue.

I'm all for hyper vigilance in these times of massive deception, but we also have to be very careful of what and who we hitch our wagons to. (so to speak)

BTW, I am not a video technology or CGI expert. I know very little about it and could easily be wrong. I just don't understand WHY they would go through the trouble of doing something like this.