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You keep ignoring the issue

Sure, you could set up some private solution to health care. I'm all for it.

BUT ...

You should damn well know that there are a@@hole politicians and their cronies who have nothing better to do with their time than to think up ways to make what you want to do difficult or illegal.


We must INSIST on freedom, privacy, etc. The solution is to INSIST that the government get OUT of health care.

The debate must be at the FUNDAMENTAL CORE level, and not so much tinkering around the edges of what to do within a corrupt system. Let's GET RID OF the corrupt system itself.

I'm on your side if you want to do BOTH at the same time -- try to develop free alternatives for now while also advocating ending government in health care. But the REAL POWERFUL argument is to end government health care.

Anyway, I've said all I can or want to say on this. If you come up with a great alternative, more power to you. Good luck.