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is no doubt in my mind that CNN and the rest of them engage in fakery and massive psy op campaigns. I don't trust AC as far as I could throw him. I still don't understand WHY they would go through the trouble of doing something like this.
My understanding is that this "interview" took place at the candlelight vigil at St.Rose church, not a funeral. I just don't get what the benefit would be.
I could much more easily believe that they were both there and that this "grieving mother" was an actor, before I could make the leap of them faking the interview in front of the church.
Like I stated, I could be wrong. I have no pride invested in any of these arguments. I just think more pertinent questions could have been asked.
What about the reports of multiple suspects?
What about the police radio talking about "multiple long gunS" in the school?
What about the police radio excerpts talking about a purple van with occupants wearing masks?
What about the reports of clergy or nun outfits?
Why did the alleged school nurse change her story about seeing the shooter "eye to eye?"
What about the other witnesses? Where are they? Why are the records sealed?
Why did Lanza drop off the map for the last 3 years? Why did no one know of him on his own street?
What about the most recent report from the DA saying that other people could be involved?
There are SO MANY MORE questions I have other than this blue screen oddity.
Make no mistake. I believe we are not getting the whole story, and most likely are being lied to about certain things. This whole event stinks to high heaven. I am GLAD that people are looking at this event and cataloging all of the inconsistencies. I just think there are more damning inconsistencies that they can be hammered with.