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on occupy's website quite a bit. THere are a select few who understand monetary policy...but i would say the vast majority don't have a firm grasp...and actually prefer government stimulus because they think it helps the people.

A lot of them think that the crisis of 2008 was perpetuated by the "free markets"....or you have that famous line by the idiot Greenspan talking about how capitalism had failed (meanwhile it had nothing to do with capitalism...and everything to do with the intervention via manipulation of interest rates and special housing programs that actively encouraged over investing in the housing market).

They're bible, from what i've read, is the "Shock Doctrine"....i just got finished reading was really tough to get through but i managed it. Really paints Friedman and libertarians as horrible people that actively pursue shocks in the world to implement our evil schemes.

I think what it would take to change their minds is information...but provided in a calm get arguing with them and nothing gets accomplished and you usually end up making them stick to their beliefs even more.