Comment: Don't the people want to profit?

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Don't the people want to profit?

Isn't that the the main reason people cooperate in the first place, to profit in some way from it. The whole fixation with the "profits" of businesses to me is misdirected. In a free market, a transaction is voluntary and neither party will make the transaction unless they feel they will profit from the trade. In a free market if a business is making monetary profits, it has done so by providing a product or service that the people who consumed it valued higher than the money they had to exchange for that product or service, in other words they profited from. In a free market every trade is quid pro quo, this for that, and it is voluntary so you only make the trade if you feel you will profit from it. Is that not a win-win situation? So if you are profiting society in general, how exactly is that putting profits above people?

Ask them that.