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TV Studio Tech opinion.

This is either mediocre green-screen or digitally corrupted video. As an old TV studio tech I clearly see the cropping of the front of Anderson's forehead, but then again I know what to look for. The front of his head clearly becomes a straight line. That is often the case when the backgrounds are similar and the chroma-key overlap is first outlined for overlay. This can occur by green-screen or by resolution shift on the video feed. Remember, exactitude is sacrificed in video by digitizing just as C-D audio is not as perfect as analog. The digitizing errors can occur anywhere in the picture but it sure seems convenient that it just all occurred at his nose and forehead. I watched it several times and because such errors CAN occur in digitized video feed I cannot say for certain that it was done by green-screen or because of errors in digitizing the video feed for transmitting. I would have to see the direct camera feed before digitization and I doubt that CNN would let me have it.