Comment: OH NO a triangle! runnnn!

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OH NO a triangle! runnnn!

I'm sorry but these are the things that make this page look nuts. I'm sure that the illumati exists and there are satanists but not every single hand gesture that is repeated with the millions of photos taken of celebrities means each one is an illumanti. Some are just mimicking Jay Z, some are telling the paparrizi to scoot back (see the Ben Stiller pic in one of those links someone gave below), some are people just posing for a picture with their arms up in the air (see the Jessica Simpson pic), and some are looking through their hands making as if they are looking through the camera kind of like a director does when he's pretending to see things in a square shape of a TV screen which might look like a triangle as well. Don't get me started on the pictures of people covering their one eye for a picture which is more likely a gesture of sorrow or despair and not I'm a secret satanist. Can we focus on something real?