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I like that you are trying to look at the issue a little deeper. "why do you care if you don't have anything to hide" is one of the toughest questions. Most people that ask it aren't receptive when you explain the nefarious reality that is government, so to be able to explain it in a different way may sometimes be helpful.

But I do think you are brushing over that the government is a nefarious organization that wants this information to enslave you. And when that is the reality, I also understand where the down votes are coming from. For example, you say:

"What would our discussions be like if the government did have a national database of our info and real-time whereabouts but it could only be used to bring criminals to justice who actually harmed a victim? It sounds far fetched to imagine that situation existing but we may learn a great deal about eliminating these battles if we at least discuss it."

We cannot pretend like a totalitarian solution might work, when we know it won't. It's like saying "what if we had a god like king with total power, but he only used the power for good? Sounds far fetched, but why don't we discuss it"... Well, we don't discuss it for the same reasons we don't talk about pigs flying.