Comment: vegetarians pretend they are not killing themselves

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vegetarians pretend they are not killing themselves

The current population of long term vegetarians is one very small province in southern India. Nowhere else on earth is the population completely vegetarian -- and never has been.

There is no evidence that complete vegetarianism and/or veganism is sustainable -- either for the body or for the planet. Vegans are especially notorious for eating tons of imported food from the southern hemisphere.

You can believe the China Study and Forks Over Knives if you want. But I can easily see that these "studies" are flawed and so 20th-21st century. It's a "fashion statement". These so-called "scientific" studies are just as flawed as any other study today. The earth does not operate in small bits and bites of information. It is an entire ecosystem.

If you want a real study, then spend some time in the forest and untended fields. Observe how Earth truly operates. Watch true sustainable activity. The bacteria and fungi in the soil break down dead matter and feed it to the plants, that feed the ruminants that feed the omnivores and carnivores which all die and feed the bacteria and fungi. That description is extreme in its over-simplification. There is so much more to it -- but that is the essence. How do you fit into that picture -- or are you "above" that? Do you think that you are not part of the Earth and keeping her healthy.

I agree that we can certainly eat less meat than we do at the present time. However, we humans have existed for millenia on an omnivore diet. The human population would have died out long ago if that were not the proper course to take.

If you eat vegetarian for humanitarian reasons you can do far more good by supporting your local farmer. They are intentionally being put out of business by those same agribusiness factory farms that mistreat animals. If you really want to get rid of those you negative practices try supporting the alternative -- small, local, sustainable, humanitarian farms. Any other course is wasting your body and putting your life and the life of Earth at risk.

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