Comment: And the punch line is!

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And the punch line is!

The U.S. was much worse than the Vietnamese Govt., since all the gold in USA was confiscated in 1933. This forced Americans to do business in the fiat dollar with the threat of $10,000 fine and or imprisonment. What made it worse is that the people had to turn their gold over to the criminal Banksters right hand the FED!

Later some figured out the FED actually caused the depression of the 30's by withdrawing the money supply. The banks went about buying up assets for pennies on the dollar. So then they held all worth while assets of the time but all the gold too! Sure sounds like a mafia family running some type of racketeering enterprise to me.

But what the hell they did get us out of the depression with the invention of WWII.

So as ruthless as some governments can be the US government can do it better!

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