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Health savings plans ARE the way to go

But it is very hard - not for nothing - I am a pretty smart person and am really good and understanding all the BS and doing the math and reading between the lines, and working the sales pitch - but DAMN - it is exhausting - and I imagine most people 1)Simply cannot understand how to make it work and 2)Just dont have the energy to make it work.

It would take years to get back to a reall market system in healthcare - and that would only happen if people understood - which they don't.

Our health savings plan is OUR money(well, I jest - it still has all those big government rules attached - but still) - we keep it every year - roll it over - we look at it just like every other investment or savings account. Can't do that with a full medical plan - you just spend it away and hope you never need a return on investment - never will you get ROI.

Of course it is funny that I am happy to save taxes by having a health savings plan. Seems those taxes drive a lot of the market out of the market as well. Here I am making decisions where my BEST rate of return will always come from NOT getting taxed - pretty messed up system.