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Golden Rule

Many of the false capitalists are as guilty as the many false socialist and there is an easy way to find out one from the other.

If anyone claims that government power aught to be this or aught to be that then the best way to prove it is by competition, putting their money where their mouth is, and that is the design feature designed into a Democratic (left leaning or liberal in the classic liberal sense) Federated (as in confederated) Republic (as in the combination of many sovereign competitive constitutionally limited state governments into a whole body of mutual defensive power).

Democratic (sovereign people)
Federated (sovereign states among states)
Republic (sovereign republic among republics)

Take any person who claims to want the government to do something and if they would not do that themselves, if they could, and most certainly when they can, then they are basically speaking falsely.

That is The Golden Rule test applied at the level of individual powers called people.

If you don't like the gated community that becomes a gated community around you, at a local, neighborhood, level, then stop paying the dues and see what happens. You may have to vote with your feet, or you may be able to fight the case all the way DOWN to the State court.

You are in your castle and other people impose their will upon you, and good luck with fighting the criminals at the State level of government.

Is it a matter for the people employed by the States, those Federal government employees, a Mr. So and So occupying a congress seat, or a “president” seat, or not?

No, it is not a matter of defense against attack by a foreign power, internal, or external, for you to be defending your castle against the invaders who work to create a gated community around you, which is frivolous in the extreme. The same is true for the people demanding payment, or compliance, who are propping themselves up as dictators in your neighborhood, it is not a matter of the employees hired by the State to enforce a gated community agreement, no more than it is a matter of the employees hired by the State, constitutionally limited state, hired to defend all the States, from enemies foreign and domestic, to punish your children or punish you for punishing your children.

When someone claims that their actions are good when they do it, but worthy of punishment when you do it, then someone aught to call them on that lie.

So the highest level is the self (or God if a self has spiritual power in that way) then the next level down is the family, then anything downhill from that highest level, in Liberty, is a city, or a county, or a State level, and just because the power assembled becomes more power wielded by the employees, as numbers grow exponentially greater, does not make the employees employed to govern any less able to be criminals, the contrary is in fact well demonstrated in fact.

So, going back to the topic title, a Left Leaning Liberal of the genuine bend, or on the other hand a Left Leaning Liberal of the criminal bend, could exercise their self POWER, their absolute sovereign POWER, by putting their money where their mouth is in a Democratic Federated Republic, as they see fit, and either pay for, or not pay for, what they want paid for, or not paid for, by moving, voting with their feet, from a worse, to a better, competitive State in that voluntary government designed to be that competitive way as such.

This is not news.

This was once known, and other people, other than me, still know how this type of voluntary government is supposed to work.

Person A says they want government to be this or that, so sure, make it so, and if you can’t, then move to a State where like-minded people are making it so, just so, as you want it to be, in fact. That can’t happen in a consolidated Nation State or Monopoly involuntary government, where everyone is told to obey whatever the dictator’s demand – without question.

If you can see how a Democratic Federated Government is designed to work, in fact, then consider placing each person, based upon their preference, into the State that is common to their type. If all the counterfeit (criminal) Liberals want absolute despotism as was the case in Soviet Russia under Stalin and the Bolshevik regime, then those people would be working toward that end in their home, city, county, and State level, no more, that is as far as that infection spreads, and if that type of government can survive without resort to aggressive war for profit, then it does so, like North Korea, for as long as those people can stand to live under those conditions. In a Democratic Federated Republic, those people in that State are allowed to leave that State if they want, and no other State, in that Democratic Federated Republic has the legal power to force enslavement of anyone who decides to vote with their feet to a better State, no more than someone can now, right now, prevent someone from voting with their feet from a gated community to one that is not gated.

A State in a Democratic Federated Republic can be an almost exact copy of everything any Liberal (modern counterfeit version) desires, limited to that State, and not allowed to be infecting everyone who cares not to be so in the rest of the States in the voluntary Union, and at the same time to enforce slavery upon those free people in that State.

So why do all those counterfeit Liberals demand ONE MONOPOLY GOVERNMENT that will enforce their counterfeit government upon everyone in all the States?

Ask one. I can’t speak for them.

The same is true for the counterfeit Conservatives, or modern day Neo-Con Jobs. If it were a Democratic Federated Government, then your claims of what your government must be, according to you, can be easily contained within the boundaries of your head, or your family, or your neighborhood, and at the LOWEST form of government, your State, it can be, if enough of you desire it, internal to that State, and the same Liberty applies, to anyone wanting to get the hell out of your Neo-Con Job “paradise” according to you, they get to walk out, and you don’t get to stop them, harass them, tax them, or kidnap them once those slaves of your's run away from your involuntary association that you think is so good for you that you want to impose it on everyone else.