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Never trust the government! ...or pigs

Regarding the nefarious-ness of the government, that's a given so why discuss it. I admit it and then moved on.

In the suggestion of the database, I used a hypothetical that didn't say the government was good but rather that government was limited. In other words, if WE held the keys to that database and they had to justify why they wanted x or y piece of info and then WE reviewed their reasons before ANYONE peeked. That's not a totalitarian solution because it's removing the government from the power category.

And the reason this could possibly work is the same as the reason we might be able to remove or at least lessen the government "wanting this information to enslave you".

That reason is to remove the incentive. There are probably a thousand ways we can take the 'profit' out of lobbying, corporate snuggling, political bribes and all other related acts. I don't know them all and I doubt others do either but together, maybe we can list enough so that some bright mind can find a common denominator. If that was the case, might we venture a little effort behind such a cause?