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Comment: There is proably not one prostitute

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There is proably not one prostitute

who was not sexually abused as a child, perhaps continually abused by some pervert sick adult. And they grow up with no self esteem thinking that is all they are good for.

This belongs in the lower level of animal-human behavior. It is something the rich elite seem to go for and they would like to keep humanity at this low animal level. And so they have the child sex trade. Keep everyone focused at the genital level instead of at the heart compassion level.

Rather than legalize prostitution take these women off the street and educate them to get free of this demeaning "career choice". I have known prostitutes through my job as a nurse, and disease is something they deal with on a weekly basis, unknown to the public.

In the end they get a disease that is incurable; so many STD have mutated to an incurable strain. What with drug use, shared needles, and incurable STD, many die young.

Mind Control Cathy O'Brien Story of the Child Sex Trade
Long Intro. Start around 36