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I will work through my 3rd reading of the book 1 and add a chapter on The Liberty Day Challenge.

Fat Boy was a part of my thinking on The Alex Jones Challenge (reward of 100,000.00 Federal Reserve Fraud Numbers) combined with The Liberty Day Challenge, combined with the challenge to keep Ron Paul's example spreading here on this forum.

I don't know what the deadline is to submit a Paul Revere type message to Alex Jones for a contest entry, but I can start work on at least one sound bite. I know how to make videos for Youtube, there are plenty of freeware programs that allow the user to splice many videos into one.

I can have me saying "Liberty Day Challenge"

Immediately after someone else says "Look it up."

Someone else says "The British are here."

I can clip in Fat Boy by Celente with the picture of Fat Boy too.

These are just ideas at this point. I have to get work done too, plus the ball is in my court so I have more reading and editing work.

Fund raising is amazingly competitive today, as shown in that link by one of this forums members.

I'll find it.

Amazing opportunities.

"So, you want to talk about capitalism and socialism. I cannot even agree with you on the definition of socialism and we have been around that block many a time! It should be fun. I will see you over there...after I get work done :)"

Yes, that is necessary, in my opinion, and there is another forum post on that theme already here:

Why punish everyone for the actions of 1 person?

It is a numbers game?

"even the forgiveness of sins"

Forgiveness is great, it is so powerful, more than a mere mortal can even know, I get that, but while these Mad Dogs running false government (false gods) are amok, we aught to defend ourselves somehow.