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Comment: Step 1) Sell or throw away

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Step 1) Sell or throw away

Step 1) Sell or throw away your TV, it turns your brain to mush. I cannot express this enough. Even grown adults are mesmerized by its glow.
Step 2) For the love of God do not play computer games. I speak from experience, they are a drain on time, money, and relationships.
Step 3) Buy only necessities and avoid fads, you don't need anything.
Step 4) Start a real hobby that makes money, avoid hobbies and past times where you shit money away.
Step 5) Read, damnit.
Step 6) Stop eating processed and fast food, you are killing yourself and burning money for convenience, learn to cook you bum!
Step 7) Own a self defense gun, and a "home defense" gun.
Step 8) Do not use a credit card unless you know you can pay it off and you are trying to build credit.
Step 9) Go outside and get some sun. You will feel better. Also: Stretch.
Step 10)*Most Important*
MOVE OUT OF THE CITY! More crime, more taxes, more expensive, more detrimental to health, poorer schools, and no bare earth to plant your food in.

Southern Agrarian