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Very good assessment

of Occupy. What I have gathered from my dealings with them is that they are more grass roots than we are. In other words, they only formed from a single main complaint, not a platform of complaints, principles and proposals.

Because of this, most of them indeed are uneducated to the inner workings of our fiat currency. Same goes for many other issues but that's their main complaint as a group.

I've found that if you keep asking what they want and how to get it, but interject how things really work along the way, they usually come to the point of asking more questions than they can answer. That's when you get an open mic to explain as much as they can comprehend. Word of advice, don't use propagandized terms like free-market, capitalism, Libertarian, or similar ones. Just rephrase them as 'privately', 'the people buying and selling', 'not-corporate/government decided', etc. It's amazing when you get done and find that they are the first to use those terms that they formerly would have sheyed away from.