Comment: That isn't Ron Paul

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That isn't Ron Paul

I don't believe for a second that Ron Paul actually tweeted that. 1st - as was previously stated, when has Ron tweeted anything? Why start now & with what would obviously be a very toxic comment.

Ron, rightly, sees himself as part of a wave of change in America that invigorates the youth with message that society needs to be very honest with itself, but always while showing compassion and respect for those that don't understand certain principals of liberty, gov't, economics or whatnot.

Statements like this would make him to toxic for many to tolerate and thus stifle the larger message instead of building it up. (taking a public pot shot at a dead man...for what purpose?)

I've never read or heard a word from Ron Paul that was vindictive and this statement certainly boarders on that. Typically Ron has sympathy for people who are misinformed and shows respect for soldiers while criticizing how politicians and generals use them. So, unless the post-DC Ron Paul is planning on rattling many more cages (and I don't think that would be good, nor would it be his style), then I say there is no way this was him.