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Reporting to LaRouche Site

I am not very smart about history and such. I just know a little.

I am back reading these words today that you wrote last week:

“Ok, so how does competition work?

A Democratic Federated Republic (example provided by The Articles of Confederation) allows Sovereign States to join, or secede, at will.
You want to stay in the Union, you pay your Union dues, in Gold and Silver, or Oil, or Electricity, or whatever is worked out through Equitable Commerce (deals/contracts/negotiations/discussion/offers/counter offers/etc.) as time goes by.”

And it brings me to a comment on the post I could help myself but starting today about the 14th amendment and Thou Shalt Not Question.

You probably already know this, but it was explained to me today that the 13, 14, & 15th amendments were forced upon the Southern States in order to rejoin the Union or else keep on fighting…

So that force applied to the southern states in comparison to an optional paying of dues to be a part of the union is opposite of competition.

Now, you probably had that all under your belt already, but today I have achieved that knowledge.

I find your observation:

“Making money?
Try one State run by a LaRouche type Sovereign Sate.
Being Liberated?
Try another State run by a Ron Paul type Sovereign State.
Torturing and murdering for fun and profit?
Tray another State run by Obama and Bernanke.”

Except I am thinking, if you want to live in a Socialist state try one run by LaRouche
And if you want to make money, try a state run by Periot.

You ask: “What is so hard to understand about voluntary competition as opposed to involuntary monopoly?”

And I answer, describe to a blind person the color of blue. Perhaps voluntary competition is hard to understand because one has not been exposed to it. Or perhaps one has been exposed to it but does not recognize it. i.e. a child can see colors, unlike a blind person, but does not know that the colors have names, or perhaps that they are even colors. How can one understand something they do not recognize?
"LaRouche wants a National Work Project and a national credit based currency like that of Hamilton’s First Bank."
The wisdom there, in my opinion, is along the lines of stepping back to a time and a situation that is an improvement over today, and the idea is to do so gradually so as to minimize destruction.
I can see that as being wise, I can't see Hamilton's plans as being a goal.
Now see, I fail to see the path back as chess moves. I suppose though that that is what Ron Paul was doing by bringing the troops home to save money so as to continue the welfare program until folks could learn to be self sufficient while at the same time balancing the budget. I don’t know if I would like to see a work project like FDR’s though. Do you like that idea?.

Ron Paul spoke of his end goal: Keeping the profit of your labor. I do not know LaRouche’s end goals. I have not looked. Have you?

“Presumed to be innocent until proven guilty?”

I suppose a good look at his words might tell.

So you want to talk about:

“The LaRouche angle has to do with exploring further the concepts of capitalism (voluntary) and socialism (voluntary) as opposed to capitalism (false or involuntary) and socialism (false) wherein the proof can be measured as to which ways work better for making power abundant and which ways don't and LaRouche also touches upon the concept of moving from one planet to another (which requires a lot of power) just in case God isn't going to destroy everything on Earth and start over fresh any time soon.”