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Your Diet

is very similar to what I've been on for nearly 40 years.

Although in the past, with the use of eggs, we called it a lacto ovo vegetarian diet.

Having grown up eating virtually no meat but our family's cattle, hogs and chickens, when I got out on my own the store bought stuff was so inferior it was easy to give it up. I found out early on that a vegan diet was near impossible when eating at other folks homes and in restaurants. Southern cooking usually includes some dairy and eggs and who wants to give up all comfort foods.

For alkalizing purposes a little baking soda regularly may be helpful It's one of my personal techniques. A friend swears by food grade hydrogen peroxide for that purpose. There's plenty of info available on both with a simple search.

One of my staple alkalizing proteins has always been almonds, specifically raw almond butter, but in the 'war on food' insane laws pushed by big ag and big pharma were passed to destroy the nutrients through treatment with a toxic fumigant or with high-temperature heat. I call it a crime against humanity. There are many other examples but this one irks me the most.