Comment: easier said than done

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easier said than done

Most of my time on this rock has been spent fighting
fighting for things i knew were right and unharmful
fighting family and friends who's only reason to live was to fit in
go with the flow,don't rock the boat
the things i see in my mind meant more to me,than to them
but now it is slowly slipping away,what with time,age,and the
years fighting to just be me
it is slipping away from all the time spent doing not what i wanted to do,but constantly having to argue my case,over and over
this left me almost alone,broke,beaten and battered
i have more friends online that i cherish than the ones i have met
but what was so bad about the way i wanted to do things?
what did i ask more than any other thing?
what i asked,what i wanted,what i fought for? to be left alone,to live my only life the way i saw fit
now so much time has has passed,i will never fulfill any of it

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.