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My inquiry...

was whether ProudAmericanFirst has any history or involvement with or even moments of admiration for the LP as to make your comments referring to the LP contextually relevant. Are you aware of any such relationship? :)

I could not find any connection between your comments where you refer to the LP and the comment or person you had replied to.

As far as the Golden Rule and christianity, I am sympathetic with the majority of christians I know. Mostly good people. With regards to political pet names, I mostly refrain from the "-tard" postfix. I have been using "Randites". If I determine that my discussion "opponent" is not fragile and a good sport then I have no compunction against joining in the creative label-flinging fray. I especially have no problems engaging in it with ancaps and other assorted anarchists who love to call me "statist". :D

I have high regard for the Golden Rule and try to practice it as much as possible. But lots of people, especially males, like a bit of aggressive banter now and then. Especially in the political debate arena.

As an atheist (please correct me if I'm wrong) what is your regard for the Golden Rule?

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