Comment: Another form of Blowback

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Another form of Blowback

Personally, I hope this story gains a lot of traction. Yes it is controversial but it is also the truth.

If this story brings more light to PTSD, 20+ Vet suicides DAILY and the unintended consequences of bad foreign policy, then Dr Paul will have succeeded once again with his message.

I see very little difference in a tweet like this and his exposing the scam of Central Banking and the Federal Reserve system.

It upsets the apple cart and rightly so.

I hope he gets flooded with MSM interview requests and gets the media talking about what caused this tragedy in the first place.

I think if one steps back and looks at the bigger picture, one might realize that the tweet was simply brilliant.

A stealth catalyst to open the Establishment MSM into discussing the massive Vet suicide rate, PTSD and the only reason these two things are happening with such frequency, in the first place: Bad Interventionist Foreign Policy and Blowback on several fronts.

How ironic that 140-150 military veterans are killing themselves EVERY FREAKING WEEK and Ron Paul tweeting the truth about a murdered sniper is an outrage.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul