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Comment: Someone else pointed out yet

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Someone else pointed out yet

Someone else pointed out yet another possible bill of interest to liberty folks.

wordpressandstuff said:
"Someone suggested that there is another anti-liberty hearing of note on Tuesday. Here is the information.
HB488: Changing the definition of “cigarette” under the tobacco tax to match the definition of “cigarette” under the Master Settlement Agreement.
I was told this will increase the state tax on loose tobacco. Loose tobacco is sold in NH, especially in border stores. Lots of people from MA and other states buy it when they drive up to NH to take advantage of the low sin taxes. The fear this that increasing this tax will hurt many businesses in border communities and may cost jobs. I haven’t studied the issue well enough to know if that fear is justified.
The hearing starts at 10:15:00 in room 202 of the LOB building."

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