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Not RP Posting

Whoever tweeted this is probably the same person running the "Ron Paul" facebook page--same profile picture, too. For example, this facebook status recently:

Status Update
By Ron Paul
Several headlines the past two days screamed out that "defense spending plunged 22% last quarter." Wringing of hands by the Neo-cons has erupted. Washington accounting quackery can explain it all. Government officials are good at gross distortions and fear-mongering. Be assured that military spending is not about to go down. The Military Industrial Complex won't allow it. Remember, the spending has nothing to do with "defense" only militarism. The scare tactics, participated in by both Democrats and Republicans, are designed to head off sequestration. And even that would only nibble away at proposed increases. Don't they know that lying isn't nice!! Time for a R3VOLution. REP

Whatever the sentiment, does this really sound like Ron Paul speaking? Has he ever called someone a liar? Correct me if I'm wrong...but even when Ron Paul strongly disagrees someone, he's still polite and courteous. Frankly, I think whoever is running these accounts is being entirely inappropriate by using this kind of language in Ron Paul's name.