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Farmer = hard working individual

Us hard working farmers are not being pulled asunder by criminals and thieves, or as you say the corporations with government collusion. Many of these large corporations such as ADM, John Deere, CNH, Monsanto, Pioneer, etc., are only providing us with new options, be it for our products that we produce or the products that we buy. Without them we would not have the modern machinery and new varieties available to us; we would not have a place to sell our products. Many people criticize the industrialization of our food, but without it we would all starve.

Many farmers have fallen to the idea that government is here to help us, be it with subsidies or protection of markets or whatever else they think of. The collusion of farmers, corporations and government is a result of the system that is in place; or better stated the rules that were created for the game.

The free market that I live in utilizes the same technology as American farmers, but we don't need subsidies, protection from outside markets. But we also don't get taxed, so we are able to be much more lucrative. People here go broke in bad years and expand during the good ones. Only the best survive. Our farms are larger every year, and we become more and more industrialized, producing more per acre of land than ever before. We chose to produce organic, conventional, transgenic, whatever makes economic sense at the moment. This is how the USA system should be; a free market.