Comment: Cruz may be standing strong on

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Cruz may be standing strong on

fiscal issues, but I guarantee you he voted against Kerry, because he believes Kerry will be less favourable to Israel. Cruz, has shown in the confermation hearings with Hagel, that he is a Zionist Israel-firster. If people ever learn the Truth about the real Israel, and determine they have been major contributors to our nation entering into most all wars, including the World Wars, they would revolt against the governmetn and demand all the politicians be tried for treason. If you don't believe me on the World Wars, just read the transcript from a speech by former Jewish Zionist who sat on Wilson and Roosevelt cabinet meetings, Benjamin Freedman. There are original audios, but they are very crude sounding, so it's best to read the transcript.
Here, is another example by a former Pentagon employee, who helped advert war with Iran in 2007, that exposes what 'Gomer' Graham questioned in the Hagel confrontation about the Jewish lobby aka AIPAC.

In my opionion all Cruz's 'nays' are cancelled out due to him being an Israel-firster, whom by his remarks shows to care more about the security of Israel, than the security, lives, taxpayers money of Americans!
Here, is another video to watch, which is made by a former Christian Zionist, like myself, who realize the very dagerous road Zionism has taken us down, and exposes the false teachings used to forment it. One important thing he fails to mention, is Sam Untermeyer's ties to the Rothschild's and the person who wrote the laws of the Fed.