Comment: Horrible!!

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I cannot believe people on here are falling for this. This may be legitimate, but it does not pass the sniff test to me.

1) He says the right to bear arms is an "inalienable right" and he is endowed by his creator with this right, it is not given to him by politicians. Great, so far. A minute later he says "If you want to take my rights away from me, lets go to court". ahhh no, thats not how it works either. So he is okay with 5 people in black robes taking this right away? Programming folks!!

2) He advocates the same security in his school that exists at the capitol building. Do you want Homeland security conducting searches on your kids so they can get into the school? That is where they are going with this. They are using the 2nd ammendment types to get rid of the 4th ammendment. Get this kiddies programmed at an early age. We are dealing with sneaky bass turds, remember that. They have the solution already, they then create the problem and steer the herd into their desired objective.