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It sounds like

you're looking for some road sign, or missing book that explains exactly what is going on, how everything works and ties together.

That's where you go wrong. The whole point of a conspiracy theory is there is no hard evidence. You say there is "just no evidence for this at all." Hello?! Why do you think there would be. You think the people that assassinated JFK (if this didn't happen the way we were told to believe) are going to give a tv or press interview explaining exactly what really happened? Or you think someone is going to come out and legitimately explain why the "all seeing eye" or Great Seal of the U.S. is a pyramid for a country that has nothing to do with Egypt?

The way you uncover conspiracies is by connecting dots and possible points of evidence that appear unrelated. That doesn't mean you get it right all the time. As for Weishaupt he doesn't have to comprise everything the Illuminati are, or what form they may take today. Again, see my comment about what I think the Illuminati are.