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We have identical concerns

"I just quietly realized that people weren't interested in that topic at that time--"

That's what I did the first dozen or more ideas that I posted. Then it started getting frustrating. After frustrating, I got to the point that I wanted to leave for good. Then my passion for fixing it over-rode that as I saw others leave and get chided for it. So I stayed and tried 3-4 times since August. Still, there was zero response in the way of actual discussion. Some got zero attention. Some got negative critiques on piddly aspects while the big picture went right past people. This is where I stand today. I'm freakin' pissed that any time someone suggests an idea (not just me) on an action we could do as a group (face it, no one person can do anything alone in this environment), it is drowned by fluff pieces such as gossip and OMG stuff.

So, was I a bit negative, maybe. Did I stick to accurate negativity? Yes. Does that make it ok? That's in the eyes of the reader, you. Obviously, you and some others took it as bad but you have to admit that I got way more discussion than my 'nice' posts. I just wish that wasn't the case but nice posts get knocked down by the cynics that say 'you can't do that!'. Whatever.

I submit that technology be fostered to be used for our needs, not the government's. Again, you're going to say we can't do that. BS. We absolutely can. Just like Twitter circumvented the firewall shutdowns, we can do the same. We just have to take each situation separately and put the right team on it. Most of them are already working on it. By doing this, we can do everything I've suggested.

How would you like to dump the Federal Reserve? Fiat money? Payments to big energy? Bank fees, insurance and pretty much every monopoly out there? With the connectivity we hold in our computers, we can easily do this. We just need it to work together the right way.

You do realize that if we stopped ALL money from going to those entities (that I just listed), that we would have 5 times the discretionary spending available to us, don't you? What other social problems would simply go away if people had that kind of spending money? What incentives would be left for people to steal our personal info just to make a buck after it became much easier to earn an honest one? What would the people's attitude be toward welfare if it only took 10-15 hours/week to support a single mother? Do you see how this builds on itself?

Just to be clear, this is all done via the free market and private actions. There's no top-down, centralized, Marxist-commie aspect whatsoever. All personal choices, such as privacy, are still respected as unalienable rights.

Now, do you see how complex of a solution it is to explain? I have tried to come at it from the money side, the free market side, Liberty, social, wars, and more. I've done this in posts and comments. If it were you with this exact experience, how would you present it for discussion?