Comment: It's just as rigged to keep

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It's just as rigged to keep

It's just as rigged to keep us OUT of the GOP. At least in our own party we could do as we want with our own media and not be cheated out of anything, right? We have a lot of people behind this message and the internet has won the media war, so why not take advantage?

I mean come on we all know the ballot systems are rigged, the parties nominations are rigged, hell the whole system is rigged... But if we start our own party and find a system where we could record every single vote ourselves they CANNOT cheat us out of votes. We should put our heads together and come up with a way they can't steal our votes NOW. Not later, not near 2016 when it's too late. Look we could go into any party, but why stay in the GOP knowing they will just change rules a day before a candidacy?

I understand what you're saying, but I just have a problem with doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.. Definition of crazy?