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Comment: What exactly is the Bible?

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What exactly is the Bible?

I think the Bible is a collection of works meant to help mankind.

Think about how the story by Shakespeare of Romeo and Juliet has saved countless lives by being told to people nearing the age of matrimony. Shakespeare has been gone a while but not the magic in his story.

The Bible is full of life's lessons people learned in the past and tried to set in writing as some sound rules to live by. Whether you believe in a god or not the rules still apply.

Parts of it, I'm thinking, are history lessons. I remember reading one story that sounded like the invention of the brick. It talked about when it happened people started talking in different languages and spread off in different directions across the face of the earth. I think it was not so much a language problem as the new idea of a brick got people thinking of different ways they were going to use them and no one understood each other. Concepts like fireplaces, dams, outhouses, walls, or aqueducts would have been hard to grasp.

Anyway that was my interpretation. I think much in the Bible has been translated over and over so many times; one has to perhaps reach for the answers in some of it.

Another part where I may be reading differently than some people is a part when someone is trying to explain to someone else that, you don't even credit God with a tenth of your world. I think what the story and the person meant to convey is that; all of the books are books of god, and all of the houses are the houses of god. You know. Credit God for everything.

Perhaps it is meant to guide you between the Heaven and Hell here ON Earth.