Comment: We at the dp tend to eat

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We at the dp tend to eat

We at the dp tend to eat ourselves. We should wait for ron to issue a statement. This wasn't a hack attempt because the tweet would have been retracted by now and LRC wouldn't be defending it. Look, lets be real my fellow ron Paul fans, this tweet left as it is hurts the movement and almost obliterates our support with vets. Now ron's a smart man so this is more than likely a PR stunt so he can get on TV to discuss the issue, all the while expressing sympathy for Kyle's family. That would be the best and a very positive scenario. I don't think I need to go to the worst case because I mean funds for many things having been lagging (hello dp donations) so we will end up losing a lot of supporters because of it. Sure they might still accept ron Paul's positions but they may move to something or someone that appears less toxic. We need to unite but like I said if the tweet controversy is left as is we will feel the pain.